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June 12, 2013
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SCENE 1: Playground/ After-School

All: ( chattering and giggling )

Miss Cheerilee : (blows whistle) Okay,My little Ponies! Today in class,we're playing Kickball! The team captains will be Applebloom and Diamond Tiara! Captains,you may now pick your teams.

Diamond Tiara: Hmm...I pick everypony  in this class that isn't a Loser Blank Flank! ( 13 ponies line up with Diamond Tiara leaving only Applebloom,Scootaloo,Sweetie Belle,and Dinky Doo )

Twist : UM,Thorry Diamond Thiara,but I have tho go on Applebloom'th team. If I don't I'd be a therrible friend.

Diamond Tiara: Ugh..Whatever! ( sing-song ) If you change your mind,we're still waiting.

Twist : ( walks over to Applebloom ) Hi,Applebloom! ( smiles )

Applebloom: (sighs) Hi,Twist.

Twist: Will we be the theam that kickth the ball?

Applebloom: I think so. Judging by the fact that Diamond Tiara is telling us to kick the ball.

Scootaloo: I'll go first! I'm good this game.

( Scootaloo turns around and bucks the ball straight into the air )

( Silver Spoon jumps up to catch the ball,but misses. Snails catches the ball with his mouth )

Miss Cheerilee: 1 point for Applebloom's team!

Sweetie Belle: (squealing) Oooo! Pick ME next! PICK ME NEXT!

Applebloom: Okay,geez,fine! You can go next!

Sweetie Belle: Weeeee!

( Sweetie Belle grabs the ball and throws it with her mouth )

( the ball flies past everybody in Diamond Tiara's team )

Silver Spoon Foul! Foul! She's out! Sweetie Belle is OUT!

Miss Cheerilee: Sorry,Sweetie Belle. It's the rule.

Sweetie Belle: Aw,nuggets!

Miss Cheerilee: Applebloom,you're next!

( Applebloom picks up the ball and throws it )

Miss Cheerilee: Applebloom is out!

( bell rings )

Miss Cheerilee: Bye,class I'll see you all tomorrow!

Applebloom: (angrily) Ah can't believe Ah blew that shot!

Scootaloo: It's okay,Applebloom! You'll get 'em,next time!

Applebloom: No Ah won't.

Sweetie Belle: Applebloom,you seem a little off there something wrong?

Applebloom: Ah've just been thinking about how everypony has such great sisters,and Ah'm stuck with just plain,boring Applejack.

Sweetie Belle: Don't you DARE call your sister boring! She's AWESOME! She's way more funner than Rarity.

Applebloom: No,it's just,Applejack IS a great sis',but,all sisters have something cool that they do every once and a while. Rarity makes dresses,Bab Seed's sister rides bikes with Babs every Sunday,and Rainbow Dash is in the Wonderbolts Academy! Applejack's just a farmer. Nothin' else.

Scootaloo: If I were you,I wouldn't say that to Applejack. It would her feelings.

Applebloom: But it's true.

( Applebloom walks past pet store and stops )

( Applebloom looks through the window and sees Dog Collar )

Applebloom: ( giggles malicously )

Scootaloo:  I don't like the look on her face.

SCENE 2: The Pet Store

Pet Store Clerk: What can I do for you,little filly?

Applebloom: Can you buy this,please? It's for my sister.

Pet Store Clerk: Oh! does she own a dog?

Applebloom: Nope!

Pet Store Clerk: ( less excitedly ) A cat?

Applebloom: No!

Pet Store Clerk: ( worried ) Any other kind of animal?!

Applebloom: Eeenope!

Pet Store Clerk: I'm terrified. Take it! It's free!

Applebloom: Wooow! Thanks!

Pet Store Clerk: D-don't m-mention i-it.....Oh,the humanity! ( starts sobbing loudly )

Applebloom: Girls...Ah have the best idea ever. An' Ah can insure ya it'll make Applejack not so boring.

( to be continued in part 2 )
yay i made a thing
ColorfulWonders Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Cool! Keep going :)
Wait? AJ has a dog. Why'd she say no?
Mushroom-Cookie-Bear Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her idea was getting the way of her memory. Silly Applebloom.
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